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A greyhound's favourite toys

Here are some of our hound’s favourites:

Cleo caterpillar- seems like all greys love this toy. It’s gigantic so expect it to take up some space. Our hound likes to use it as a bolster now but she used to drag it around, bite it, and shake it about!

Kong- we got the large size (10cm) and she enjoys digging out the food but she does give up rather easily and stops trying when it becomes difficult to get a stubborn piece out.

Kong stuff-a-ball- I don’t like this one as much, the notches make it difficult to clean.

Tennis balls- this is fun to throw around the garden for her to chase. She will hold it in her mouth making it squeak while running at high speed!

Squeaky bear- she liked playing with this early on when she was settling down, now not so much.

Octopus plush- this one we don’t have but other greys seem to love them.

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