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A greyhound's favourite treats

We’ve tried giving several different kinds of treats, some more gruesome than others.

Here are some of the hits:

  • Ostrich Bone- these are very useful for cleaning teeth. You can also get them here.

  • Chicken feet- she can’t resist these but they look disgusting.

  • Sprats- make sure you keep these double bagged and sealed, they stink.

  • Liver Cake- picture above, these I make following the linked recipe. I don’t add any milk and swap flour for ground up oats. She loves them and they are useful to have on hand as treats for doing nails and teeth.

  • Dental Sticks-they are like candy.

  • Rabbit Ears with Hair- she loves them as much as chicken feet.

  • Natural Beef Tails Long Lasting Dog Chew- first time she threw it up. Now we soak it in water overnight to soften it and she can have it the next day, disappears quickly.

  • Premium Lamb Pizzle Twists- doesn’t require soaking in water, lasts awhile.

Moderate response:

  • Yak chew- we got these based on the Magnus YouTube channel recommendation but I would say she’s less enthusiastic about them over time. One useful tip is when you have a small piece left at the end, you can microwave it and it will puff up. Let it cool completely and it’s like a big cracker.

  • Training treats- these small treats are useful to put in puzzles and kongs.

  • Pure Salmon Sticks- she will take it but it’s not a favourite.

  • Venison Tendon- she threw it back up. Softening it in water before might be helpful but we haven’t tried it.

  • Pure Paté Variety Pack- not as effective as homemade liver treats.

  • Most other mass produced treats

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