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Managing corns in greyhounds

If your greyhound starts limping, you might want to check your dog’s paw pads for corns. One way to do this is to rub a little bit of toothpaste to look for an outline of the corn.

Our hound suffers from corns. We don’t think it’s possible to get rid of them as long as the mechanical pressure persists. We’ve managed them for several years using the soaking/hulling method. The ideal time to remove them is straight after a walk on a wet day. We use dental tools to help remove the corns and after we apply Cerave SA cream. So far, she has not had issues walking with regular management. However, if it gets worse, we would consider the flexor tendonectomy procedure.

In addition to regular hulling, our hound wears Therapaw boots- size TD, on her front paws. Note they are sold individually. We use newborn socks underneath with a small hole made for the dew claws to prevent rubbing. This stopped her limping altogether.Hunnyboots are a stylish popular alternative. You could try UK suppliers, Zoomadog or Pointy Faces. The shipping was slightly cheaper with Pointy Faces when I checked. Our hound has tried both and prefers the Therapaws but we’ve seen many dogs happily wearing the Hunnyboots.

Paw in socks and therapaw dog boot

Possibly helpful remedy:

  • Epsom salt- many people soak their greys' paws in epsom salt solution for several hours, then hull the corn out using dental tools or a root elevator. We’ve tried this as well but didn’t notice much difference between soaking in water vs salt solution. Perhaps this depends on the salt concentration.

We’ve also tried many alternative remedies which failed, including:

Untested remedies:

  • Nail Polish- some people apply this on the corn possibly to dry it out.

Other UK suppliers for Therapaws:

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