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Enclosed fields and trail for dogs in Cornwall

It’s difficult to find enclosed fields to let sighthounds off lead safely. During a trip to Cornwall, we found a great place called Brynn Hill, just outside the village of Roche. The great thing about it is they have four different paddocks for hire. We tried the Beacon Lakes grass field and the Kernow trail and it was a great opportunity to give our hound some freedom outside.

The Kernow trail was fantastic because it’s a trail rather than a field and you can walk with your hound.

Beacon Lakes includes an enclosed lake and a 5 acre grass field but you can close off the lake part with a secure gate. Our hound walked around the whole field and enjoyed all the smells.

It cost £5 per hour per paddock and you can book using their online system, which was efficient. It’s a good idea to book ahead because it does get booked up.