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Getting ready for your greyhound Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1, here are some more supplies that could come in handy. You don’t need to get everything beforehand but I thought it would be useful to compile the info together.

First aid kit

Greyhounds are prone to cuts due to their delicate thin skin, so having a few supplies might save you from panic. Here are some items we got after speaking to the kennel staff.

Used these for minor scrapes:

We haven’t needed to use these yet:

You could think about getting some things now and the others later only if you need them.

Cleaning products

The poop bags are a must, rest are optional.

  • Poop bags- gone through many boxes and not once have they ripped.
  • Pet odour removing spray in case of accidents in the house, we haven’t had to use this yet.
  • Bitter apple spray- to deter chewing on furniture. It’s somewhat effective, definitely not 100%.
  • Washing bag- to contain fur while washing dog bedding. Some people swear by this and suggest a horse sized one like this.

Healthcare/Grooming products

You might want to think about how you will trim their nails but you could start with teeth and then move on to nails.

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush- the Logic toothpaste comes with a finger brush but we’ve found this one more effective at reaching the back teeth.
  • Shedding blade for when they are shedding their coat. Some dogs seem to love this but our hound is not a fan. She prefers a grooming glove.
  • Dog Shampoo- this hasn’t irritate our hound’s dry skin at all.
  • Ear cleaner- we tried another one first but it smelled so horrible. This one smells better.

Whether you decide to use flea and worming treatments is up to you but these were the products that she was taking in the kennel:

Our vet has advised a switch from the kennel ones due to prevalence of lungworm in the area.

Here are a few other things that we found to be a useful:

  • Installing baby gates- this helped with separation anxiety since our hound doesn’t have physical access at all times.
  • Installing blackout curtains in their safe space- light is often an issue that cause some dogs to wake up too early in the morning.

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