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Travelling with your greyhound

Roadtrips! Here are the supplies we got, hopefully you find them helpful. Sizes mentioned are for a good sized female greyhound, not a small female or a large male.


  • Vet bed- 0.75m x 0.60m, it’s the ideal size because it doesn’t take up too much room in small cafes but it’s big enough to cover her tummy. It also fits in the car hammock.

  • Dog Car Hammock- she uses the mesh window to look forward. She seems much happier in the hammock compared to without. You could also opt for a boot bar or get a crate installed in the boot.

  • Dog seatbelt- the hammock also comes with one that might work for most cars.

  • Cosydogs fleece harness- size 5(62-85cm chest), this is not the most secure harness if you want to walk your hound with it in case they spook, but ideal for car travel because it’s fleece and probably more comfortable for your hound compared to the heavy duty harnesses that secure at three points.

  • Lead- this connects the harness to the seatbelt so that she can reposition herself.

  • Water bottle- our hound normally drinks well but refuses to drink when we are out, even out of her normal water bowl. This bottle was readily accepted at home so we will keep trying outside with it. We’ve also tried the lick and flow type of water bottle but she refused to drink from it at home or outside.

  • Apple airtag- we had a scare of a hound going missing in the area so this seemed like a good idea. We watched this video and were impressed at its tracking abilities. You can attach it to your hound’s collar with something like this.

  • Paw wipes- this can be a lifesaver if you go into a forest after it’s rained.

  • Dog walking bag- not just for trips and used daily, we don’t put the poop inside but it’s useful for bag dispensing and to hold basics like hand sanitiser, treats, etc.

  • Dog towel- useful due to hand pockets, quick to dry.

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