Trimming your greyhound's nails

Trimming your dog’s nails can be daunting, especially if they have black nails. This makes it hard to see where the quick (blood flow) ends so it’s scary to use a nail trimmer. But trimming your dog’s nails is important because it can affect their posture. Many people suggest the use of a dremel for black nails, so we got a corded dremel. The ones made for pet nails seem popular but they are less powerful, which can be both good and bad. It’s good since they are quieter but it’s bad because they are slower to trim. They are also portable since they tend to be battery operated. You can get cordless dremels but they are either more expensive or less powerful.

Our hound had no issues with us handling her paws, which is not the case with all dogs. However, she did not like the look of the dremel and the noise it made. So, first we got her acclimated to the noise, trained her to lay on her side, then the feel when the dremel touched her nail, then we started trimming one nail at a time multiple times a day. Each interaction was kept short and pleasant with plenty of liver cake treats and she was happy. Now, she willingly lays on her side for us to trim all her nails in one session.

If you are trimming black nails, the photos on this page was helpful.

If you are brave or feel comfortable using a nail clipper, the Mikki nail clipper was recommended by our kennel.

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