Useful things and purchase fails

Just some random things we found useful and other things that didn’t work.

Useful things

  • Towel clip hangers- useful to hang up microfibre cloths or wet raincoat to dry

  • Microfibre cloths- for drying paws, wiping down, etc. These ones are thin so dry faster but if you want the higher quality thicker ones, E-cloths are well made but slower to dry.

Purchase Fails

  • Poop scooper- cumbersome to use, even the large size is not big enough for a hound’s business.

  • Pool- good idea in theory for hot weather but our hound was not a fan. We tried the 160x30cm size which was too large and required a lot of water to fill the base. This might be more successful for water loving hounds but ours refused to go in it and just wanted to drink out of it.

  • Water Bottle- the lick and drink mechanism seemed foreign to our hound and she didn’t want to drink from it.

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