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Enrichment toys for dogs

Our hound is food motivated and enthusiastic about learning, so we started introducing enrichment toys.

How to treat dry skin in greyhounds

To help with dry flaky skin, we’ve tried several supplements and they seem to be helping.

Trimming your greyhound's nails

Trimming your dog’s nails can be daunting, especially if they have black nails.

How to take care of a greyhound's paws

If you live in the city, your grey will end up walking on sidewalks and paved roads.

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Getting ready for your greyhound Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1, here are some more supplies that could come in handy.

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Getting ready for your greyhound Part 1

It can be daunting to figure out what you need when you are preparing for your hound.

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Adopting a retired racing greyhound

We adopted our greyhound through the [Greyhound Trust] ( but there are many other groups that do an amazing job rehoming hounds.